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Mega-TREATMENT (Water Treatment Systems)

Mega-TREATMENT (Water Treatment Systems) maximize solids removal in the basin. Products include Plate Settlers, Paddlewheel Flocculators, Sludge Removal, Troughs, and Baffle Walls.

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Bio-HANDLING (Material Handling Systems)

Bio-HANDLING (Material Handling Systems) store and convey materials individually or as complete systems. Components include Screw and Belt Conveyors, Hoppers and Silos, and Control Valves.

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JMS Delta-SEPARTION (Separation Systems)

Delta-SEPARATION (Separation Systems) facilitate the separation of liquid and solids. JMS varied offerings  include Grit Classifier, Compactor, Skimmers, Decanters, Telescoping Valves, and Airlift Pump.

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eco-AIR (Low Profile Cascade Aerator)

Eco-AIR (Low Profile Cascade Aerator) will increase the oxygen concentration at the outfall of a waste treatment plant using no electricity and less than 3 feet of elevation drop.

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About JMS

JMS designs and manufactures equipment for water and wastewater treatment applications in Charlotte, NC. Since being established in 1962, JMS has become a recognized supplier with an extensive network of manufacturer’s representatives.

Our objective is to be the water and wastewater equipment manufacturer of choice by combining innovation, quality, and reliability.  We take pride in pioneering design and manufacturing enhancements proven to be critical to the longevity and value of each system.

As a family owned company currently under the leadership of Dave Myers, our Core Values include Honesty, Integrity, Teamwork, Accountability, and just Making Things Better.

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Charles ChandlerDC Water
"I greatly appreciate the timely response from JMS. I have had to request your help in the past for part cost and you guys have always been excellent. Thanks again."
Glenn BarinConstruction Manager | HDR
"Special honors to you and Vic for helping us successfully execute the Shutdown #2 plan, doing the training, and making the Ash Loading facility operational within the required time frame!  Thank you for your effort and patience."
Bobby ClemmerBar Environmental
"We love working with you guys.  Your support, quality, expertise is great. It is exactly who we love to sell for. Thank you for working with us."
Alan Flood, P.E.WPC Industrial Contractors, LLC
"Wow! You delivered the shop drawings earlier than expected to meet our aggressive schedule! Outstanding! Great job!"
Nick Jackson, P.E.Manager, Treatment Plants and Facilities | Hallsdale Powell Utility District
“I wanted to reach out personally and say thank JMS for expediting the changes to shafts and parts for the recently installed Melton Hill Water Plant Flocculator in Knoxville, TN.  With the cold weather and having a basin down for extended period it really made a difference for us and we are very pleased with Myers Equipment and the flocculator thus far.  And of course with BAR and all the legwork and prompt response they gave to expedite things.”
Patrick FrancisPlant Manager | Oak Creek Water & Sewer Utility
"Basins 1-3 are traditional sed basins & Basin 4 is a high rate sed basin with older plate settlers. The performance out of the basins with the JMS plate settlers is much better than those four basins. In fact the average effluent turbidity off of the JMS plate settlers which are installed in sed Basins 5 & 6 is less than 0.20 NTU which is extremely good. We’ve been very pleased both with the performance of the JMS plate settlers and with the service provided throughout the project. We would strongly recommend JMS to any municipality looking for a top notch product with great service."
Stewart W. Noland, P.E.President | CRIST ENGINEERS, INC.
“We have used JMS walking beam flocculators on two water treatment projects, and JMS plate settlers on one water treatment project, and in both instances the equipment has worked well and the JMS support has been very good.”
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