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JMS Delta-SKIMMERS (Skimming Systems)

Skimming equipment is one of the oldest, simplest and most economical ways to remove scum from the water surface. The JMS Delta-SKIMMER (Skimming Systems) is designed for removal of scum and other floating material from the surface of process basins in both water and wastewater applications. The particular design of this equipment is especially effective for typical scum removal applications, hard to capture floating scum that is not easily removed by the traditional type scum trough, or applications with large amounts of scum.

JMS provides the Delta-SKIMMER in the most common, traditional rotating Scum Pipe (Scum Pipe System) form as well as Helical and Paddle Wheel designs. Each design has its particular pros and cons, and your JMS representative will assist you in choosing the appropriate equipment for the job. System design can accommodate various tank widths, water elevation levels, and operational frequency.

JMS Delta-SKIMMER Helical and Paddle Wheel Systems have a full 360° rotation ability, often with a single chain and sprocket system driving multiple skimmers. Drives are mounted on an adjustable drive base plate assembly which includes a sole plate, leveling plate and four threaded leveling rods and steel nuts.