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What is the JMS Rep Portal?

The JMS Rep Portal is a hub for information, documents, and learning tools for all JMS products. It allows you to get all of the information you need for a JMS product whether you are in the office, or in the field with a customer. We have also included   the JMS Bulletin Board, where we will post current events and items of interest at JMS. On the JMS Bulletin Board you can find JMS documents and schedules for our Remote Training Sessions. The JMS Rep Portal is simple, so anyone can use it. The grey bar on the top of the page is the main menu for the Rep Portal. Click on the JMS branded product family icons to see information and documents for each product within that family.

JMS Educational Videos

JMS Bulletin Board

About JMS Bulletin Board

The JMS Bulletin Board is a one place shop for the information and events going on within JMS. Here you can learn more about:

  • JMS Documents
  • Remote Training Sessions
JMS will be offering Remote Training Sessions on various topics to all reps. Each session will be repetitive so that you can find one that will accommodate your busy schedule. We encourage all JMS Reps to pick a time that works best for them, and to join in and learn more about JMS products and services. All of our Remote Training Sessions will be 20 – 30 mins long and presented by one of our sales team experts. To register for your seat today, email Joann Scherf at  jscherf@jmsequipment.com.

Q1 2018 Rep Remote Training Sessions

1.25.2018 | 2pm – 2:30pm ET

Belt Conveyor considerations

Presented by Greg Hyde

10 seats available

2.15.2018 | 2pm – 2:30pm ET

Bearing Developments

Presented by Kerry Dissinger

10 seats available

3.15.2018 | 2pm – 2:30pm ET

JMS Delta-SKIMMER Options

Presented by Jim Brettman

10 seats available

4.12.2018 | 2pm – 2:30pm ET

Trough and Baffle Wall Considerations

Presented by Josh Franks

10 seats available


JMS can supply factory-certified parts for our systems as well as common systems from other manufacturers. As the manufacturer of your system, we have the specifications, component lists, fabrication records, and system specific drawings and measurements that we can use to determine the correct part to meet your need.

The JMS Aftermarket Parts team includes a dedicated staff for parts orders, and an inhouse supply of common parts for quick shipment. Our objective is to supply you with expert equipment knowledge and competitive pricing to keep your equipment running at its best. Our use of parts lists and an extensive database will streamline the sales process and give you the confidence that the exact part that you need is on its way. Our recommendation today, will save you time and effort tomorrow.

Contact one of our qualified engineers today:

Troy Rives – Aftermarket Parts Sales

Phone: 704-554-8397

Email: AMP@jmsequipment.com